26 May, 2009


Spent much time in the garden this bank holiday. Amazingly, not everything that we planted has died, and some of the seeds are coming up.

Unfortunately, the fine weather brought the idiot twenty-somethings who live in the first floor flat in the building next to us out onto their roof terrace, which directly overlooks our garden. I don't know what I dislike about them more - their pallid white skin in their pointless bathing suits, their execrable taste in music, their moronic conversation - was I this stupid when I was twenty-something? Is it possible?

On the plus-side, it makes a brilliant situation for a sitcom. LSS has found himself a potential writing partner and is looking for sitcom ideas. Snobbish hidebound elitist forty-somethings, living next to braindead shallow twenty-somethings, in a hideous co-dependent relationship fueled by mutual loathing. Well, it makes me laugh. When I'm not weeping.

20 May, 2009

Christian Aid

went knocking on doors for Christian Aid on Saturday. The old gave. The young gave. The salt of the earth gave. You know who didn't give? Middle-class WASPS. Only two white middle-class middle-aged males gave me money - one was Irish and the other was Greek. Interesting.

16 May, 2009

Star Trek

Went down to Southside last night to see the new Star Trek movie. All I can say is, I'm sick of working for an investment bank. I'm going to enlist in Star Fleet.

03 May, 2009


Went down to Homebase and bought many berries, currants, herbs and leaves, and spent the whole day in the garden planting them out and preparing new beds. It was just heaven. I love my little house and my little 18th century walled garden!

Had to make cloches out of 1 litre plastic water bottles cut in half, to stop Russell Crow getting at our tiny sweetcorn plants. He spends all his time rustling around in the bushes at the back of the garden. As he is too fat to fly far, he hops around with incredible speed - I think he thinks he is some kind of squirrel or other rodent.