17 August, 2007

Purpose of Visit

Back down to the Mexican consulate today in my titanic struggle for a visa. Maybe I shouldn't have put: "To pick up a consignment of snow" under Purpose of Visit on the application form.


Blogger 962 said...

Never ceases to amaze me that the further down the third world ladder a country is the harder it is to obtain a visa.

It was almost imposible to get one for Nigeria, Algeria required you to have two passports because it took so long to get a visa, and India makes you feel like a piece of crap when you go to pick the visa up
Ho hum

10:45 am  
Blogger dgny said...

I just got a visa on arrival in Mexico - was that my charmed passport?

5:39 pm  
Blogger Andrew said...

Pakistan insisted I go for an interview so I told them I didn't want to visit their effing country anyway and cancelled my trip.

2:17 pm  
Blogger Andrew said...

BTW, you don't need a passport to got to Wales :-)

2:18 pm  
Blogger Fumier said...

... or a brain cell.

7:00 am  
Blogger Andrew said...

Ah but you need plenty to get out again

7:38 am  
Blogger 962 said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3:12 am  
Blogger MacDuff said...

Fumier is quite correct the lack of brain cells in the English swarming across the border is quite striking. I will never forget the English prat who came into our office in Llandrindod Wells and complained about the road signs being in Welsh.

1:46 pm  

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