05 January, 2008

Hey Ho Hey Ho

Back at work - groan, groan. Went to see Nutcracker on New Year's Day at the ROH - the most Christmassy spectacle imaginable. Otherwise, back to the same old grind. I've started doing little timesheets for myself - it helps to convince me that I am actually doing some work, as otherwise I get to the end of the day and think what the hell did I do today? It also helps to force me to work as otherwise there are painful lacunae during the day, recording the periods that I spent trying to organise next summer's holiday online.

Today we are going to the Nat Gal to see the Siena exhibition before it closes.

I foolishly signed up for one of our Huge Sinister Bank Community projects - this is to help out with some Old Vic show some time this year. This is the cool thing about being in London - when you volunteer to do community theatre, it's not in some crummy village hall - it's at the Old Vic!


Blogger 962 said...

Im going to a classical concert in Lumpini park, well I hope I am
Looking forward to that
Bangkok phiharmonic

7:39 am  
Blogger Icedink said...

...and I'm to see Masque of the Red Death at Battersea Old Town Hall on Wedesday. Knees knocking, since the last time I went to a show by this company, Punchdrunk, it was in a warehouse in Wapping at night and everyone in the audience had to wear white Phantom of the Opera-type masks. Terrified and silent for most of the evening - much like being at work, really.

3:15 pm  

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