09 February, 2008


Went to see the Age of Enchantment at the Dulwich Picture Gallery - illustrations from Beardsley, Dulac, Rackham etc. Some fabulous Dulacs in dreamy blue and of course the stunning depraved Beardsley line. Also enchanted by Dulwich Village, not least because of Dulwich College, alma mater of PG Wodehouse.

Was planning to go to listen to Beethoven violin sonatas at Wigmore Hall on Friday but somehow got sidetracked by the Roaming Sub into sucking down a couple of bottles of wine garnished with squid down at that fish place in Borough Market.

Larry's birthday last Sunday - she got a PAYG mobile phone - Sony - forty quid. Party guest's comment: Now I'm the only one in the class who hasn't got a mobile phone! Kids nowadays, eh? When I was 9, I was playing five stones with homemade bean bags filled with rice.


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