25 January, 2008

Cultural Pursuits

Just got back from listening to Emma Kirkby singing lots of mediaeval songs at our local church, accompanied by some Swedish bloke playing a 500-year-old lute! You can't do that in KL! It was really such civilised music, it was hard to believe it was first written and performed during a period of European history when, if you'd wanted to hear it, well, first of all, you couldn't, because only the big knobs down at the king's court were invited, and secondly, you'd have to wade through a sea of blood and ordure to get there.

I am currently making my way through series 1 of the Wire and have the serious hots for Dominic West. As somebody said on Never Mind the Buzzcocks last night - about someone else, but it was apposite - he's so goodlooking and English you just want to punch him. Well, it was a bloke who said that. A woman would want to do something else.


Blogger MacDuff said...

Knowing one word earlier than another colours the way I think about similar sounding words.
For example hors d’oeuvre seems to lend a certain amount of surprise to ordure

10:35 am  
Blogger dgny said...

Especially when so many pronounce it ordure....

12:19 am  

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