17 April, 2008

High Finance

The Economist is obsessed with growth. Oooh no, it laments, the rate of growth is forecast to slow this year.

Why do we have to grow? Why can't we just stay the same? We live in a finite world. We can't keep growing for ever. Eventually we're going to run out of stuff to grow with. It's like the whole world is a gigantic pyramid scheme and one day we're going to run out of suckers and the whole thing is going to collapse.

Sound economic analysis, I think you'll agree, and at just the level that SMW has come to expect, ever since I asked her what the difference was between fiscal and monetary.

Two colleagues were having a high-level strategic discussion at work today:

- What shall we do with this bit of paper?
- We'd better file it.
- Shall we start a new lever arch file?
- Should we? Yes, I think we should.
- Yeah, let's go for it!
- OK, but don't tell the stationery officer.

And the sad thing is, it isn't even a new lever arch file. It's an old one that's been recycled since its previous contents were sent to archiving.

It is this old-fashioned approach to cost control which explains why WE are not axing 1000 jobs in the City, unlike some Swiss banks I could mention.

Had to go to Piccadilly today to pick up my Brazilian visa. It was such a gorgeous afternoon and there was no queue at the consulate (unlike when I went to put in my application, when the office was a heaving Third World hell, with disparate queues snaking everywhere and me in the middle vainly trying to impose some semblance of order: "No! THIS is the visa queue. THAT is the passports queue. THAT is the military service queue [,you Portuguese-babbling standing-too-close-to-me clown]!") so I got my business done early and treated myself to a latte and a bluberry muffin at the Caffe Nero in the courtyard of St James Piccadilly. Lovely.

Watching Life in Cold Blood on the telly last night. Some hapless frog spawn was being picked off a leaf, tadpole by tadpole, by a greedy wasp. Murmurs of sympathy from the assembled girls. Mo watches in silence, then remarks pensively: "Yes, it's a bug eat frog world out there."


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