14 March, 2008

Gym Instructors

I've been meaning for a while to write about the instructors at the work gym: we have Candice, the pilates instructor - who is actually not very good at pilates, I don't think it is her real job - who is a very pretty busty curvy spandex-clad gym treat; Fran, the circuits instructor - who is a flat-chested human dynamo; another pilates instructor whose name I don't know but who speaks with that kind of charming French Mauritian accent and is so gay; Conor, the yoga guy, who is Irish and wears a black stud through his ear that looks like a bolt, and is quite gay; and Trevor, the other yoga guy, who has a shaved head, and may be gay. In HK all the yoga instructors were guys from India holding the proud title of All-India State Yoga Champion or some such, and I never thought any of them was gay.

I like the gym instructors. It's nice, during the working day, to interact with people whose lives don't revolve around banking.

I am still ill today so I do get to have time off on the bank's ticket - hooray!


Blogger Icedink said...

Why all the pilates? Is banking bad for the back?

4:23 pm  
Blogger FBT said...

I go to pilates when I can't do a yoga class, but I'm not keen on it - it is just yoga lite.

5:15 pm  
Blogger s said...

yoga lite? are you kidding? it certainly wasn't that when i was doing it back in HK.

i also miss the gym instructors in HK, they seemed to know what they were doing and saying....

5:46 pm  
Blogger skinny said...

oh it was me, skinny... don't know why it just showed "s".

5:48 pm  
Blogger dgny said...

I miss the gym in HK, too. My gym here is a rec centre and believe you me, it's not PURE by any stretch of the imagination. The yoga here isn't either, which explains my ever increasing waistline.

7:52 pm  
Blogger Tiny said...

Some guys here worry about other people think they are gay if they go do yoga. However, the male yoga instructors that I had before didn't look gay.

Hope you feel better soon, and enjoy your time off for the time being.

11:13 pm  

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