09 February, 2008

I kiasu, you very kiasu

Went to Kiasu on Queensway with the ProtoSpy and Rambo the Architect for CNY lunch. Reminded me of the happy time 20 years ago when Smiggle and Donald used to live on Queensborough Terrace and we used to hang out in Bayswater all the time, having fabulous impromptu meals catered for us by the Don.

Verdict on Kiasu - good for starters. We had yu sang, top hats, satay, otak-otak, oyster omelette, roti paratha, and some other stuff I don't know the name of. Excellent. The mains were kway teow, laksa, nasi lemak and mee siam - ok, but nothing like home.

Afterwards, to the Princess Di playground in Kensington Gardens. Entry is through a gate that you have to be buzzed through. Sis and I were ahead with the kids; when LSS and Rambo tried to get in, they were stopped by the Paedo Patrol, and had to plead pathetically (alliteration) for entry!

Had Top Gear style race to see who could get back to Balham first - Curly, Mo and I went via Circle/District and mainline from Victoria; LSS and Larry went by Central/Victoria/Northern Lines. They beat us by miles - the District and Circle at the weekend is hopeless. No Circle line trains, so had to go to Earls Court. Train went through the whole stopping in between stops, stopping too long at stops, doors shutting, then opening again, then shutting again routine - all orchestrated to the moos and groans from crowds of idiot 20-something Kiwis on their annual Circle Line pub crawl.

Curly is much exercised by spelling at the moment. She was speculating today on the difference the placement of the "r" makes in the words "from" and "form", the little Saussurean pom-pom head.

I am insanely itchy all the time. Is the dreaded dust mite allergy catching? Going to the doctor at 0710 on Monday for an expert opinion. In the meantime dozing myself with evening primrose oil, zinc and vitamin B, which some quack on the internet says helps to alleviate the itching.

LSS is coordinating the organisation of the school summer fair, which is Olympic themed. Unfortunately the British Olympic Committee takes a different view - apparently they own the Olympics and everything to do with it and they will sue the ass of anyone who says it isn't so. I suggested (with my Wire goggles on) that they should change the theme to: Drug Dealers in the 'Hood. Instead of stalls to run, they could have corners to control. Instead of a coconut shy, they could have games of Steal the Stash. The esteemed Coordinator rejected my idea out of hand. He's very conventional.


Blogger bobbie said...

I bought some Epsom Salts today for aching joints and muscles, but they had one there for itchiness, rashes and eczema. Maybe you should hotfoot it to your nearest health store and buy some.

10:59 pm  
Blogger ulaca said...

"Smiggle and Donald" - Noel Coward couldn't have invented better names.

3:42 am  

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