27 August, 2008

Woodland Walk

Forgot to mention we went to Batemans at the weekend. When we got out of the car, we were all starving so we thought we would have our picnic before we went to see the house. Looked around, couldn't see the picnic area, but there was a sign saying "Woodland Walk" so we thought we would go into the woods to see if there was a pleasant spot to have a picnic. LSS led the way through a little grove that was a bit like an orchard. After about ten yards, the path curved round and we found ourselves walking back up through the little grove again - the entire woodland walk would have fit onto a tennis court! For some reason I found this hysterically funny, I just couldn't stop laughing, as we traipsed dignifiedly around this tiny little "woodland walk" with our picnic things.

We found the picnic area in the end at the other end of the carpark, and very nice it was too.


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Someone was trying.

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