21 May, 2007

Pre-emptive Nostalgia

It was chucking it down all weekend, so no swimming. Still it was a lovely weekend. Went for a run round Lugard Road on Sunday, as I had a headache and there was no Panadol in the house. Lugard Road was blissfully clear of weekend tourists. Went strolling back up, with my 30 caplets of Panadol Extra clutched in my sweaty fist (but I didn't need it in the end as the headache went away on its own), really enjoying the cool damp breeze and all the beautiful greenery and experiencing a moment of missing HK in advance.

Mo said thoughtfully this morning, We didn't care about HK at all when we moved here, and now we're sad to leave.

Very true.


Blogger dgny said...

They'll get over it. The G now refuses to live anywhere but Canada. Except when reminded of how much he loves Belgium. Or France.

5:16 am  
Blogger 962 said...

In days of Yore you could buy 500 asprins at a go in the UK now you have to have a letter from your mum to get 12.
You really will miss Hong Kong.
Mo is spot on

6:35 am  

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